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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic set of tips regarding quartz-based products

Why is a quartz coating better then a carnauba wax?

It’s not better, it’s a completely different league . What you gain? Incredible durability, reaching from 12 to even 24months, almost complete chemical resistance (pH from 2 up to 11) and surely a much longer lasting, strong hydrophobic effect. On paints called difficult, like non-metallic, black paints, you can largely extend the gap between restoration/paint correction, due to the coatings thickness and hardness. If you’d like to know more about the differences between classic waxes and quartz coatings, see our comparison here.

Do I need a paint correction before applying a quartz on my car?

In most cases – yes. Before you decide, have a good look at your car with a sun-gun or simply take it to a petrol station at night. Both the sun gun, a inspection light or the specific type of light used in parking lots or gas stations shows all defects of you cars finish. Quartz coating are thick, but very flexible to. That’s why they do not hide any scratches or swirl marks. If your car was not washed by a qualified detailer or was never coated, it’s nearly obvious, it needs a paint correction. We recommend only trained and well equipped detailing studios to perform a paint correction. For further information, how you should prepare your car before coating, see here.

Is a good wash enough before coating the car with Q2Prime?

No, it’s only the start. If varies whether you have a new or used car. If it’s factory new, wash it, check for possible delivery contamination or light scratches, give it a good clean with Q2M Prep to remove all factory waxes or glazes used by the dealership and start to coat the paint. If it’s used, start with a wash with Q2M Bathe, use Q2M Iron to remove stubborn stains and any signs of iron fillings, clay the whole paint with Q2M Clay. Check the paint for scratches and swirl marks-if necessary proceed with a paint correction. Afterwards give the car another wash, dry and wipe off with Q2M Prep, to remove any rest of polishing pastes. Then start to apply the coating.

I’ve used a clay bar with Q2M Iron and it got sticky and left some residue on the paint. What happened?

Clay bars vary not only regarding their level of aggressiveness but also chemical resistance. Q2M Clay is one of only few high quality fully chemical proof clay bars on the market. That’s why it does not change it’s properties while used with Q2M Iron or various cleaning products like tar removers or APC. For a pro-detailer it’s a huge save of time, for the enthusiast a safe and easy way to cleanse the cars paint.

Should I use Q2M Cure after every wash?

You can but it’s not a must. It’s a high clay product to maintain the full effect of a fresh quartz coating, helping to remove watermarks and smudges after the wash. It boosts the hydrophobic effect, adds gloss but most of all, increases the coatings durability. Regular use of Q2M Cure may extend the life of a quartz coating by over 30%.

Do you ship internationally?

Of course. Our warehouse can prepare the order for your fright forwarder or we can arrange shipment right to your shop.

How can I become a distributor?

It’s simple – fill the registration form in our distributor zone and wait for our reply. After the verification process you will be granted access to our special distributor zone with all its features. For more info see here )link do benefits z registration) or contact us directly.

How will I know if my order has been shipped?

As order status updates are send as short notifications to your e-mail account. We provide you with all the details regarding shipment and tracking of your order. If any assistance is needed, fell free to contact us directly.

Why does Gyeon have, unlike other manufacturers, only few products?

Our main goal is to deliver the best product that can be developed at today’s technological possibilities. The core of our range are products basing on the most advanced SiO2 formulas available. We only offer products tested in real life conditions and never launch products we’re not sure about. We don’t give you a choice of 30 waxes, but give you the 3 most easy to use and durable quartz coatings on the market.